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Blood in 13 month babies urine..

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suejh Thu 28-Jul-11 21:51:33

Hi I was woundering if anyone can help.. My DD has had a temp for 3 days and has had a few UTI's so took a sample to doc's all clear but when I took a sample in today they said its all clear but has traces of blood and they are sending it away to be tested.. What does that mean?? Has she got a infection?? Her temp is better tonight so should I be worried?? Should I go to the doc's tomorrow?? I spend half my week down the doc's, will they just think I'm a fussy mum??

CharlieBoo Thu 28-Jul-11 23:22:17

Hi, my ds had a history of urine infections when he was a bubs. I remember him having blood traces once but they asked me to do repeat test a week later and said that it normally happens when the body is fighting a virus (there was no infec in his urine). Hope that helps

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