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Are these worms or dysbacteriosis?

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Lovefruitsandvegs Wed 27-Jul-11 10:17:42

My DD recently had a viral cold. She had ibuprofen to lower her high temperature.
For one day she had lots of tiny spots (very tiny reddish dots) on her chest and back. Her GP said it was something viral but could not say what exactly. The same happened to her little sibling. The temperature lasted for 2.5 days. Then they started having sore bottoms. The younger one does not have it anymore but the elder one still complains about it. At first it looked pink and kind of raw. In the morning she would get a ring of something dry, not skin but like a dry liquid around her anus (outer layer). Once I wash it off and put some baby nappy cream it does not bother during the day. It does not really bother during the night or evening. I know that worms get active during the night and the bottom gets very sore and itchy but she does not say it was that bad.
So, I do not know whether she has worms or this is dysbacteriosis after taking ibuprofen. She takes friendly bacteria daily. The bottom does not look raw and pink anymore. I am thinking of buying Pripsen.

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