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Has anyone tried goats milk for runny nose/infections?

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sparkleshine Tue 26-Jul-11 23:29:25


My ds (19 months) has had repeated ear infections and a almost constant runny nose for a year now. He's had antibiotics numerous times, even a 3 month course once.

He is under ENT and we go back in 2 months. They said it could be either an allergy/intolerance or his adenoids, but reluctant to do any surgery under 2 yrs old, although he might look up his nose for investigation.

A friend of a friend said she swapped cows milk to goats milk and it worked for her dd's runny nose. My mum said she gave it to me for a skin complaint when I was a baby and it helped.

Just wondered if anyone else tried it, or shoud I try soya milk as well? Should I maybe ask GP again if he can do an allergy test? Not sure what this involves though

What else can I try to help my ds? It's been so frustrating for us both and such a shame when he struggles to breathe clearly at night.

ashamedandconfused Wed 27-Jul-11 19:15:06

My dad, SIL and a friend of DH all have switched to goats milk to reduce levels of nasal mucus and unexplained chesty cough - dad in his 50s the others in their 30s - its very common. DD was intolerant to milk as a toddler, and her thick snotty colds disappeared when we went dairy free!

nightcat Thu 28-Jul-11 18:30:28

I'd try no dairy or dairy-light and use goats' if you really need to have dairy (ie don't load her like-for-like as I think what works is decreasing dairy - which is known to encourage mucus-production).

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