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undescended testicles any knowledge please?

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worriedmummy1 Tue 26-Jul-11 13:20:58

Namechanged and posting on behalf of a friend.

'My son is nearly four and the doctor has examined him this morning and thinks his tersticles are undescended. He has referred him to a specialist straight away and said if they havent it will be an operation and could possibly affect his fertility later down the line. Does anyone else have experience of this? Gutted' and also 'also, he was breech in the womb, delivered at 37.5 weeks and had hip dysplasia and was in a brace for the first four months...could this have affected his testes?'

Animol Tue 26-Jul-11 20:58:22

My DS3 - also had hip displasia - had testicles that were partially undescended. Dr told us to do a simple test if they came down when he was in a warm bath then everything was probably fine even though they dissappeared again when he wasn't in the bath (this turned out to be the case) but if they weren't feelable in the bath then he'd probably need treatment. Hope everything turns out OK

noarguments Wed 27-Jul-11 15:29:49

Both my DSs had undescended testes, no idea why. No hip problems here.
They both had the operation, probably a bit younger than 4 if memory serves me well (now 11 and 9) - very simple operation and quick recovery, but never nice thing for you / them to go through.
I think they sort it because it can affect fertility if left.

Hope your friend's son's bits appear in the bath!

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