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uti's/kidney infections in babies

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suejh Mon 25-Jul-11 21:32:13

Hi does anyone's babies have uti/kidney infections as both of my twins have had them and are going to have tests to see why.. Is anyone having the same problems as we are or have gone through it and there children are better? has anyone got any tips?


Vicky08 Wed 27-Jul-11 21:25:21

Hi Suejh, when my DS was 2 weeks old we discovered he had a UTI. He was given antiobiotics to clear it up and then put on other long term antibiotics until they could be sure that there wasn't some more serious problem. They did a kidney scan which showed a small cyst and a small dilation on one kidney. They did a reflux test where they put a catheter into his penis, put in a liquid and then take x rays, that came back fine. Then yesterday he had a renal gammagraphy which also came back fine. The doctor has told us that everything looks fine and to stop the antibiotics. Next month we have to do another scan and another urine analisis but he's confident that it was just one of those things and that now everything's fine. My DS is now nearly 8 months and the size of a 10 month old.

Hope that helps a bit, if you want any more specific information about any of the tests just let me know.

Good luck

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