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TinyPenguin Mon 25-Jul-11 15:54:34

my 17 month old daughter has just been prescribed this penicillin medication - it's a bright orange liquid suspension that she just won't tolerate. She's usually very good at taking medicine as well. Anyone know if this is available in different flavours? I'm sure I remember having this as a banana flavour when I was little? Pharmacist says not but not sure I 100% believe them? Otherwise, any suggestions on how to get my little one to take it?
Thank you.

dontcallmenymphadora Tue 26-Jul-11 12:46:01

net doctor website

I think the banana stuff is Amoxycillin, its perscribed to treat different infection. I'm allergic to almost all antibiotics. I would try mixing it with a smoothie to cover up the taste and colour.

If she really wont take it then go back to the doctor and ask them to give her something else.

craziedaisy Tue 26-Jul-11 21:30:28

My DD just finished a course of the same antibiotic. She is 20 months and also found found it hard to take to start with especially when she was feeling so poorly. I used a syringe and had a chocolate button to the ready which seemed to help. By using a syringe you can aim to the side of the cheek so they don't taste it so much. Good Luck!

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