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Baby having difficulty breathing

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cordiality Mon 25-Jul-11 14:31:25

My daughter is 5.5mo, she's absolutely fine and healthy, there's just this one thing that's niggling me and I thought I'd get opinions if it's normal and usual or something to worry about.

Very occasionally since she was born she's had difficulty taking a breath, tries a few times, goes red, panics, waves arms, eyes water, then manages to breathe in, and sometimes cries, but sometimes just carries on as before.

This was usually when she was feeding, and it's getting more frequent. Whereas it was, say, once a week, now it's a couple of times a day. We've started weaning her and she does it sometimes when eating, making me think she's choking, but I'm sure it isn't that. It may be that she's inhaling some saliva perhaps? It's like her airway is closed briefly.

Has anyone come across this? I'm hoping lots of people reply saying 'oh yes, my dd/ds did this, nothing to worry about'...

But then again, what if I ignore it and it's actually something serious and one day she really can't take a breath? Is it something to trouble the doctor with now?

DeWe Mon 25-Jul-11 14:45:21

Try videoing it for the doctor.
I would get her checked just in case.
I wonder if she may have reflux, I know a couple of babies that did (briefly) stop breathing with reflux. Was it round feed time or when lieing flat before?

cordiality Mon 25-Jul-11 18:42:22

Hmm, I hadn't though of reflux as being a possible cause, that's interesting. Yes, it's definitely when she's being fed or horizontal. Thanks for the reply, I will try videoing her when I'm feeding her solids and hope she does it! (Kind of. But also would be happy if she never did it again...)

Turkelton Mon 25-Jul-11 19:50:41

My dd suffered from reflux as a baby and this sounds exactly like what used to happen to her, was very frightening for us, was basically some food/milk coming up just as she was swallowing some saliva. My dd was put on losec mups (omeprazole) which seemed to keep her reflux under control. Would bring her to gp as see will he/she prescribe something for reflux or even advise you on how to best manage it. Good news is my dd eventually grew out of it and was off all meds by 18 months smile

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