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Long lasting tummy upset

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lamandler Sun 24-Jul-11 14:38:33

Da is 3 and started to vomit 12 days ago. It was classic bug vomiting for a couple of days (no fever or diarrhoea though) thenafter a few days he started to vomit just once in the evening.

His appetite has been poor too and he has lost weight.

Doc has checked him put and said probably a virus but that was a week ago. Has anyone else had a bug go on this long? He is otherwise fine if a little less energetic

CarolineSW19 Thu 28-Jul-11 10:50:09


Sounds identical to something my little boy (11 months) had. Initially was very sick, but no upset tummy, lethargic and just a bit under the weather. He stopped being sick after a few days but still didn't have much appetite and really wasn't himself. Doc said it was a virus and that it would just run its course. This carried on for another week or so, before turning into another bout of sickness which again lasted a couple of days, then he seemed to make a full recovery - appetite back and everything else back to normal. I think it is just a particularly nasty bug that hangs around a while.

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