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Ascending testicles in my 6 1/2yr old

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lovethesunshine Wed 20-Jul-11 20:09:36

I'm feeling a little uncertain and concerned about the inconsistency in diagnosis... anyone with experience of this able to help? My little 'un has been having trouble with his testicles since April 2011. He had normal, descended testicles from birth until then, when he collapsed in agony that lasted over an hour. A friend who was with us suggested we check his testicles, and sure enough they were absent! We ended up with an o/n stay at the hospital. We were told by an urologist that this is uncommon in boys 5yrs+ and that he may need treatment. His testicles are very mobile and are up and down several times a day. We were worried, of course, but relieved that it was something fairly straightforward(!). He had an ultrasound and that confirmed they were high up in his groin and very mobile, though thankfully no twisting/torsion was evident. We have an appt with consultant on Aug 10th. He's since had 2 episodes of very severe pain, generally every 6wks or so. The last one persisted through the hot bath (that dr advised will help bring them down) and cuddles, so we had another sleepover at the hospital, complete with 11pm visit from a surgeon for assessment. The following morning, a different urologist visited.. and told us it's perfectly normal for this to be happening, and he was ordering an u/sound on bladder and kidneys to check for stones!!! When the ultrasound showed healthy bladder and kidneys (Duh!), he told me, rather patronisingly, ''isn't that a relief, mummy?'' and was quite happy to send us away. I had to ask him firmly to keep the aug 10th appt for us! And when I asked what to do with next round of pain - he told us to rush him straight to A&E. So now I'm feeling that there is a problem and it's being ignored. But is it normal in boys of this age? has anyone experience of them sorting themselves out? thanks smile

GibberingGinger Fri 22-Jul-11 14:54:24

Sorry I don't really have any experience/advice as my wee boy is only 1 year and they are only begining to think about investigating his undecended testicles now - previously they thought they would probably come down on their own.
But my brother has an operation at about 10yo, where they put a stitch in to hold one of his down. I don't know much about it, whether it went up and down, or whether it never came down in the first place, but I don't remember any painful eppisodes for him.
I would just hope that he is fine until the 10th Aug, which is not long now, and hopefully get answers then. And if he is in pain then phone the NHS or go to A&E. He's too young to be in pain for long
Hope he's doing ok

twinmummy24 Fri 22-Jul-11 15:54:14

it is more common in younger boys but not unknown in your DS's age group, i work on a childrens surgical ward and there is a procedure called an orchidopexy which basically means a surgical intervention to bring the testicles down and stitch them in place inside the scrotum so they can't retract can cause pain, with hyper mobile testicles torsion is a risk so the opperation decreases the risk of that as well.
hopefully you should get more answers at your appointment and this may be what they decide to do if they are sure this is what is causing your DS problems, i think it is worth taking him to A + E if he develops pain again just to make sure there is no torsion as that can be dangerous if left.
hope this helps without frightening you silly grin

yearningforthesun Fri 22-Jul-11 16:02:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lovethesunshine Fri 22-Jul-11 22:02:14

thanks all - really helpful. so i'm not irrational/hyperchondriac/munchausen!!! @twinmummy- info you gave is excactly what every other prof. practitioner has told me - the only frightening bit is being told he's 'fine'!! smile thanks for reassurances about A&E visit - felt like I was being a bit of a nuisance by second visit to children's ward - would never let that put me off though.
hope your wee one's bits settle down Ginger... and your nephew heals up and stays down, yearningforthesun smile smile

SWImmes Sun 24-Jul-11 20:49:42

My son had the operation to bring down his testicle and "fix it in place" when he was 6. It was a simple quick op - day procedure here in Switzerland and the specialists here highly recommend it as there are some risks later in life if testicles are not "brought down" - it increases the risks of testicular cancer apparently. They like to have the op down really before the age of 7 (over here anyway)

lovethesunshine Sun 24-Jul-11 21:41:41

thanks SWImmes - sounds less scary that it can be a day procedure. Will do some further research on max. recommended age etc, so at least I'm armed and informed for Aug 10th! my main worry (apart from the immediate pain episodes) is that he'll have trouble later in life - whether with fertility or increased cancer risk sad

lovethesunshine Mon 12-Sep-11 17:47:27

Good news is that we saw the head of Urology dept, who was very helpful, clear and professional - no guilt trips or kidney stone fantasies!!
He took one look at DS's bits, and explained that he needs a straightforward operation, involving two small cuts to groin, to snip muscle tissue and therefore release testicles to required location. No further probs or issues - and we'll get the op in the next few months. (and of course, I'll be a mess that day too :D )
(will not waste energy being bitter about not seeing this doctor in April!!)
Hope this is reassuring for anyone reading the posts above who are in a similar situation - persevere, do your homework and think 'downward' thoughts! smile

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