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Ringworm on baby's face

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Thornykate Wed 20-Jul-11 12:34:51

Sorry if this seems trivial compared to some of the awful childhood illnesses out there but I am a bit upset about this, partly as I feel to blame for not being assertive enough in stopping people from touching DD all the time.

Noticed a small Mark on her chin area yesterday, this is still small (3-4 mm) but more noticeable. It's normal coloured but shiny in the middle & red & bumpy around the outside. Have a gps appt this afternoon.

Ds1 had ringworm on his scalp years ago & it hung around forever despite the treatment. Am dreading DDs getting worse. Any experience anyone? TIA

AMumInScotland Wed 20-Jul-11 14:03:46

I had it back in my teens - on my tummy! It cleared up no problem at all with the cream from the GP. I don't think you need to worry that it will take ages - i think scalps are probably trickier to treat than smooth skin.

Thornykate Wed 20-Jul-11 16:52:07

Thank you for replying; I was working myself up about it & hadn't helped by looking on google images blush

Gp says he isn't sure if it is ringworm he thinks maybe impetigo because of where it is but it is dry not crusty or weeping.

He gave her anti fungal cream & advised me to call back tomorrow or fri if it wasn't working.

I love gps who aren't afraid to admit when they are unsure about something rather than fob people off, he was very good. Fingers xd this cream will do the trick but I am putting a stop to people over handling her. I turned round in the supermarket the other day & a random woman was holding DDs hand in her pram?!

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