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Asthma 3 yr old DD please help!?!

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foxylady123 Tue 19-Jul-11 22:10:09

Evening all 3 yr old DD told she most likely had asthma (me and her Dad have) at 9 months as she went to hosp twice with difficulty breathing. Was given inhalers preventer and reliver and montelukast.

Thought we were doing well as we haven't had anything for about 7 months.
Then tonight cough cough and a bit of wheeze. No temp or runny nose and the cough has been going on for about an hr now. We've got her out of bed which has helped a bit but sh'e still coughing.

Last time we went to dr (the day after an attack) she said we should go to hosp next time so they can diagnose officially she was quite rude tbh but i felt we could handle it at home.

Now tonight i want to take her but DH is saying no don't make her go out in the cold it will be fine we can cope. I know it will pass but can't help thinking we should go and i'm being a bad Mum by not going.

WWYD Please help me????

Sirzy Wed 20-Jul-11 07:24:16

It's hard to say without being there and knowing how bad things are tbh.

From what you have described I probably would have taken 20 month old Ds to be checked. He is asthmatic but also known to deteriorate pretty quickly and generally needs oxygen when he is a proper asthma attack.

Hope she is better this Morning

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