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Diarrhea. Caused by bug or other factors? How to tell?

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rattling Mon 18-Jul-11 20:42:38

I have 2 year old twins who normally have very loose poo. A bit of reading here and googling has led me to diagnose toddler diarrhea as they are both fine otherwise.

My problem is that in one of my boys it has taken a turn for the worse recently. He is teething his final set of molars (and that causes him MUCH dribbling), and eating anything he can get his hands on. Normally he is a good eater, but with a definite off switch, which seems not to operating so much now (though he still isn't very interested at breakfast).

So do I just assume it is this combination of issues that is causing the problem and send him to nursery tomorrow? Or should I be more cautious and keep him home? We were on holiday last week and this has been going on since just after his last day at nursery about 10 days ago. They have just moved rooms at nursery which increases my worry it might be a bug.

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