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Circumcision on a 5 yo - recovery time?

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OrdinaryJo Mon 18-Jul-11 12:10:56

My DS is going for a full circumcision on the 26th of July. He's had the partial 'snip' before and it didn't work at all so now having the full circ. Unfortunately his birthday is on the 31st - I know he won't really have healed properly by then but I'm thinking of having his party on the 7th, so almost two whole weeks post-op. Anyone have any experience of how long the wound will take to heal?

Suzannesee Mon 18-Jul-11 17:09:36


This is from my experience dealing with a seven year old:
(It should be easier and quicker with a five year old)

The first 24-48 hrs are the worst. It swells and looks awful. The newly exposed glans looks very red, but after that it all heals and settles down incredibly quickly. Follow the aftercare instructions you are given by the nurse re. bandaging and avoiding infection etc . My nephew's circumcision was just wrapped in gauze which we soaked off in the bath next day. Take plenty of time over this, so it virtuality floats off on its own. The last tiny bit was the only thing that caused a cry of 'ouch!' because it lifted a tiny scab.

Letting air get to the wound so it dries without any dressing is key. Persuade your son to lay on the bed or sofa with the area fully exposed for long periods. He can watch TV, play computer games or read. Definitely no activity for a couple of days. My nephews first pee stung a bit and he held on too long in anticipation for the next time and lost control but it didn't hurt. After that he was fine but his stream sprayed a bit due to the swelling. As soon as this went down his aim was neat and perfect - better than before! I thing they find the experience of urinating without a foreskin very strange until they get used to it.

By day three he was getting dressed normally but gingerly. I did pack his underpants on advice from a nurse. To do this I made a square muslin pocket about the size of the area and padded it out with cotton wool, loosely fluffed out, so it was soft and comfortable. Once or twice there was oozing with a few drops of blood which has to come away. The doctor stitched the remains of the foreskin back behind the ridge with dissolving stitches. These fell out or rubbed away on their own except for one which the nurse pulled out at the seven day check up. I was amazed how neat and normal it looked at that stage.

If all goes well there is more than an even chance your son could just about be ready to party on his birthday! But, knowing how boisterous boys can be on these occasions you may be wise to postpone it. Two weeks after, he will be absolutely fine. It might be worth sticking with the padded underwear for some time. The permanently exposed glans is very sensitive and many boys find it uncomfortable until they get used to it. Good luck!

OrdinaryJo Tue 19-Jul-11 15:24:03

Thanks loads, that is such a clear and reassuring answer. Cheers.

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