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Lumps and Bumps On/Near Base of Hairline

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babyabroad Sun 17-Jul-11 19:35:32

My 2 and a half year old got rid of her chicken pox about 2weeks ago. She had most in her hair.
She is now very very irritable and complaining her head hurts.
In this place (where she itched a lot during the pox) there are 5 painful lumps which Doc said are gland reacting to an infection.
Doctor gave antibiotics, said 'are you worried it may be cancer?' followed by 'i think it is an infection'
So now I am in a panic, actually a complete panic.Has anyone else experienced this?
Thank you

CharlieBoo Sun 17-Jul-11 21:56:31

Yes yes yes!!! My ds was just turned 4 when he had chickenpox. He had them mostly on his head and face. A few days into the pox I felt lumps behind his ears and in the back of his head. I always remember it was a Sunday and I was 7 months pg and beside myself. We went to the dr the next day and he said they are lymph nodes reacting to infection and to go back in 2 weeks if they were still there. They were still there after 2 weeks so we went back and saw a dif gp Who said once they come up they can take weeks to go down and she was right, they took about 8 weeks to get smaller. Please try not to worry, it sounds like it's the pox that's brought aggravated them.

babyabroad Sun 17-Jul-11 22:07:46

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you very much. I will sleep easier!

CharlieBoo Sun 17-Jul-11 22:12:08

I remember how worried I was, so wanted to reply. I would check them constantly but read that wasn't the right thing to do as it can aggrevate them. Please don't worry, I worried myself sick but all was fine!

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