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Ill toddler - cold sweats - any advice?

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nearlytherenow Sat 16-Jul-11 20:57:23

DS1 (2.11) has had a high temperature for a couple of days (up to 39ish). Initially he was hot but seemingly well. Today he has been quite off colour, no appetite, complaining of a sore tummy, and had one episode of vomiting. Fluid intake probably OK-ish (with nagging!), but not brilliant. Am sure it is just a virus - he was seen by GP yesterday due to high temperature, and chest etc were all clear.

He's been in bed since 6.30. At 8ish when I checked him he was soaked in sweat but cold. I changed his PJs (he's just in a pyjama top and a nappy now), and put a fleece blanket (but not his duvet) on him. I checked again and he's soaking again. Took his temperature and it's down to 35.5 (the lowest it was going down to even with Calpol / Ibuprofen had been about 37.5 all day). Does this mean he is now too cold? Should I cover him up and put his duvet back on?

Any advice appreciated - really don't want to call NHS 24 as sure I will be told to take him to the out of hours GP when what I think he really needs is to sleep it off.

culturemulcher Sat 16-Jul-11 21:55:25

I'm no expert, and hope someone who knows a bit more than I do comes along in a moment, but if his temperature is 35.5 I would definitely pop another blanket (cotton, breathable) on. 37 is normal, 35.5. sounds a bit cool to me. Glad his temp is down.

I'd keep checking tonight, just to make sure all okay and that it's not shooting back up again. But if in doubt, do call NHS24, they won't mind and will prob. just tell you to keep an eye overnight and go to Drs. tomorrow if he's still not well.

Good luck!

nearlytherenow Sat 16-Jul-11 22:58:55

Thank you, have popped a blanket on him, hopefully that will keep him warm enough. DH is going to sleep in with him just to keep an eye on him.

norksinmywaistband Sat 16-Jul-11 23:03:56

I would see dr.
Ds had cold night sweats and it turned out he had a pneumonia sad
Temp dropping down at night can be a sign of illness as much as a high temp

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