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anyone know what's up with my baby's neck?

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madmomma Sat 16-Jul-11 20:40:12

My 8mold DS has a very stubborn sore on the side of his neck. He's had red marks here before, but a bit of vaseline always sorted them out. He's had this one for about 6 weeks and at first I tried all the stuff you'd normally put on a baby -vaseline, sudocrem, lanolin, savlon, kamillosan. None of it made any difference so then I tried leaving it alone & keeping it dry. no healing. Took him to the GP about 3 weeks ago & she said she didn't know what it was originally but that now it was an infection. she gave him fucidin (antibiotic steroid cream) and I used it for 10days, during which the sore virtually disappeared. It flared back up as soon as I stopped using the cream and is now as bad as ever - broken skin, bleeding, weeping etc. I've no idea what to do for him. Really don't want him to have any more steroids on it as the skin looks really thin anyway. Anyone got any experience of this? The rest of his skin is perfect.

MumblingRagDoll Sun 17-Jul-11 01:33:29

You need to go really could be one of hundreds of skin conditions and the doctor won't necassarily give more steroids...there are other treatments.....hope it's sorted for him asap.

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