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threadworm treatment - how long til it works? and a question about bears...

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Pavlovthecat Sat 16-Jul-11 16:22:18

DD has threadworm (bleurgh).
She had the suspension medicine, as did DH and I as a precaution.
DS aged 19 months had the piper...can't remember the name sorry! the powder that needs mixing.

How long does it take for the blasted things to die? I know the eggs can live for two weeks and we need to wash the entire house at 90degrees every day for the next year...

Also. Do i really need to wash ALL her bears? she has hundreds and plays with ALL of them. I have done the bedding, clean jim jams, knickers to bed for all of us each night, hoovered the house, chucked out toothbrushes (was told the eggs can land on these {bleurgh}) and disinfected the bathroom. But the bears...that is a big task

Sexonlegs Sat 16-Jul-11 16:26:06

Worms are a pain aren't they??

I did as you have done re the treatment, clean bedding, towels etc etc. I had to wipe dd's bum with wet wipes each morning and evening for a few days to ensure the eggs were wiped away and couldn't hatch, and after a few days, they were gone.

I didn't bother with washing bears.

pollypb Sat 16-Jul-11 16:28:18

Hi my two girls are teenagers now but I did have experience of this, I only washed their bedding, pj's. towels etc but never washed all their toys. The medicine takes a couple of days but it is well worth giving another dose in 10-14 days. I think the instructions tell you minimum time to give some more if needed. Bathe them daily and keep fingernails clean and short too! i always knew if my two had them (contracted from dirty toilet seats at school needless to say) as they were good at night and then would suddenly get restless trying to get to sleep or had dark circles from disturbed sleep.
Then there is the great task of headlice too! The joys of children hey?! smile

Pavlovthecat Sat 16-Jul-11 16:35:05

polly oh it is horrid. Utterly horrid. I had to 'inspect'. and lets just say it is probably worse for a girl than for a boy. I shall say no more. My poor little girl.

And it did affect her sleep as she woke crying and in pain. I took her to GP a few weeks ago as she said it was her urethra hurting, not her backside and he said they can get infections there, did not say worms. And now I have read it is common in little girls for them to migrate into their urethra too, which means she must have had them for weeks.

pollypb Sat 16-Jul-11 16:43:03

Yes, that is true with girls they can migrate forward which then causes them to itch that area creating soreness. Just always keep an eye out for that unusual sleep pattern then give a preventative dose if you are ever worried, it hasn't harmed my two and is much better than trying to creep into their rooms with a torch at night to catch the little critters! ;)

Pavlovthecat Sat 16-Jul-11 18:55:01

oh polly i didn't even need a torch shock although we had a lamp on so not bright light.

purpleknittingmum Sat 16-Jul-11 19:07:23

Many a time I had to get a tissue and get the migrating worms from my daughter! Sometimes took a while to find it but we knew it was there and we always got them in the end! Once she kind of wee-ed it out! Told her to wee and I quickly wiped and I got it!

I was told the powder that you mix only stuns the worms not kills them

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