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Anyone have any experiences of a child with partial foot loss?

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beautifulgirls Fri 15-Jul-11 16:39:00

Hi - would really like to hear from anyone who has dealt with a child who has lost part of a foot and how they/you cope? What do you do re shoes, socks, mobility and cosmetic appearance as they get older?

DD#3 is now 20months old and has just come home from 3 weeks in hospital with septicaemia including 10days in intensive care. Whilst for the most part we are so pleased to say she is doing great now unfortunately she has had the blood supply to her right food comprimised during her problems and is facing having at least the front 1/3 being amputated shortly. Right now plastics are playing a waiting game to ensure the most amount possible is kept and waiting allows as much healing underneath the affected area as possible which I fully understand. She should keep her ankle which is good but I have been given no information yet about what will happen longer term for her care - though we have had information overload recently so we haven't actually managed to ask them all the questions either.

Lougle Fri 15-Jul-11 17:05:06

Beautifulgirls, I am glad to hear that your DD is making a good recovery, that must have been, and must still be, a very traumatic experience. I'm not sure what the situation is around foot prostethis etc., but I would imagine that having the remaining 2/3 of her foot will be of great benefit.

beautifulgirls Sun 17-Jul-11 19:00:40

Thanks Lougle.

Anyone with experience?

SingingSands Sun 17-Jul-11 19:09:05

Hi, sorry, no direct experience, but my husband works for a prosthetic/orthotic company, I could ask him for advice if you like?

beautifulgirls Sun 17-Jul-11 19:13:03

Thanks Singing that would be great. Obviously she is young and growing lots and we have no idea what to expect right now. Do we buy shoes and get inserts made or do we have to use a specific shoe range now, does she get anything cosmetic to help or will that happen when she is older. How will she adapt? How often do we change whatever it is she has to help her as she grows? Am thinking I need to ask more of the plastic surgeons at our next visit this week! Am still trying to come to terms with nearly losing her so the foot has taken second place so far in our questions.

DeWe Sun 17-Jul-11 21:32:15

My dd2 was born missing her left arm from just below the elbow.

At her limb centre there's a boy a little older than her who sounds similar to your dd, except I think he was born like that. I remember when he was quite little him jumping all round the waiting room while we were both waiting for prosthesis to be made. He's an active little boy, I don't remember them using a buggy even when he was small, he's always been walking.

He has a prosthesis. They are provided by the NHS. You get a new one when you need it, when they've grown out of it. That is sometimes quite quick... dd2 once grew out of a couple of sets within 3 months each time, and sometimes quite slow... have gone 18 months at one point. I don't know whether your dd will need a functional prosthesis, it may depend exactly how much she's lost.

I think the Limbless Association deal with lower limb deficiency. I'll slightly warn you that the last time I picked up one of their mags it was (to me) very negative compared to the upper limb charity we use. It may have been that particular mag. though.

Have you been referred to a limb centre yet? Again it may be worth asking to go and talk to them. Different limb centres have different ways of doing it, so it's worth getting your particular one. Also they may well have children that are very similar and be able to give you an idea of what she will be able to do and what she will need, and how to help her.

She will be fine and cope really well. I know that sounds trite at the moment, but she will amaze you (and everyone else around)
Sending her (and you) lots of hugs... which I don't think mumsnet is meant but I've done it anyway.

beautifulgirls Mon 18-Jul-11 16:27:14

Thank you DeWe. That sounds so encouraging right now to us - while we are hopeful she will get good use of her leg and foot after surgery is all done it is a lot of fear of the unknown right now. I am hopeful that because she is still very young she will want to just walk and learn to do that again without too much fuss - none of the emotional baggage of it with her at this age. We haven't been referred as yet, but I guess that will come after the surgery is done and we have some healing of the site.
Thanks for the hugs! grin

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