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Park accident

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smcleese Fri 15-Jul-11 15:07:02

My 5 year old son had an accident at the park a week ago.

The park has a skateboard type thing attached to a U Bar which you can stand on a swing back and forward. My son pushed the board all the way to the top and let it go forgetting to move his hand!

It came up quite quickly and there was a nurse there who checked he could clench a fist around her finger and made sure there was no pain up the arm.

It does not appear to be bothering him and he has completed sports day and writing at school without trouble, never complaining of pain.

It still has a very nasty bruise and is slightly swollen still.

Should I take it further? Visit GP or get an Xray?

TittyBojangles Fri 15-Jul-11 22:11:20

Not sure how anyone on an internet forum can diagnose your DS. If YOU are worried then yes take him to the GP or A and E and they can decide if an X-ray is needed. I hope he is ok, he sounds fine tbh, but if you're worried then check it out. HTH

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