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5 Year old DS has lump in his neck

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Lulabelle Fri 15-Jul-11 10:46:02

Yesterday morning I found a lump in my 5 year old DS neck, the lump is just by his collarbone.

I immeditely got into a panic and got him straight to the GP to get checked out. GP checked his throat and ears but found no sign of infection, he also checked his armpits and groin area and said that was fine too. He said to leave it a couple of weeks and see if it changes, if not to go back and he would send us for an ultrasound to check what the lump was made of. This was enough to reassure DH but I was not reassured and I'm worried sick about it. GP said that as he was well in himself and the lump was soft and moveable he is 'pretty sure' it is nothing sinister.

Has anyone experiences anything similar?

ShowOfHands Fri 15-Jul-11 10:53:16

DD had a lump, was further round towards the back and sort of in her hairline. GP said the same thing and it disappeared on its own. He said it was either a gland fighting a mild infection or some kind of trauma/blow that was resolving itself. Whatever it was, it went.

Lulabelle Fri 15-Jul-11 11:00:30

Thanks ShowOfHands, that is reassuring to know.

ShowOfHands Fri 15-Jul-11 11:03:29

Please also be reassured that I was a panicky, anxious mess. All I heard was 'lump'. But of course the decision to do nothing is reassuring in itself. Our GP said it's quite common for them to have lumps in the lower head and neck and they generally disappear as quickly as they appeared and the lack of other symptoms/lumps was brilliant.

I know it's frightening but our gp was just superb in his lack of immediate concern.

lisad123 Fri 15-Jul-11 11:09:08

dd2 had a lumo behind her ear, about pea sized. She was very poorly and hospital admitted her but she was fine in a few days and hospital concluded it was a virus of some sort.
Put it on your calander to check next week, and if its still there go back.

Lulabelle Fri 15-Jul-11 11:14:23

Thanks lisad123, no need to put it on the calendar I'm checking it non-stop. I'm being discreet just when DS is having a cuddle or when I was washing him in the bath, he thinks it great and told me there is an alien waiting to pop out! I'm glad he is not bothered, I'm health phobic and don't want to scare him in any way. Glad to hear your DD was ok, what a worry for you.

somersetmum Fri 15-Jul-11 11:44:34

I had a lump behind my ear when I was about that age. Unfortunately, it did not go away and I had it removed when I was seven, but it wasn't anything sinister and I have not had any further problems - I'm in my forties now. I have good memories of the experience, a week in hospital with my mum staying, and going to the hospital school! I remember a big playroom too. Then a few afternoons off for check ups for a few years and that's all. Hopefully your son will be fine and it won't come to this, but I hope I have put your mind at rest a little. I totally flipped when I found a similar lump on dd a little while ago, but it was viral and disappeared on its own

LaWeasleyAintWeaselyAnymore Fri 15-Jul-11 11:58:13

DH had one at that age - it was where his adam's apple is now, it was eventually biopsied and it was that kind of harmless tumour some people get, so they removed it just in case anything else happened.

He has a little scar and has had no problems since.

Try not to worry! They are investigating and there are lots of not scary things lumps can be.

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