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Molluscum on the face and head

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ohmollux Thu 14-Jul-11 20:41:01

My DD has caught molluscum which has become obvious overnight. At first she just had one on her back yesterday, and now today we've seen an abundance of them.
Two of them are on her face, a few behind the ears and a few in her hair plus lots elsewhere.

Has anyone had experience of them in the hair?

I've been internet researching and think hairwashing and brushing is going to be a nightmare for spreading them.

pooka Thu 14-Jul-11 20:45:09

Oh crap. I noticed today that ds2 has a small spot behind his ear and a couple just below the earlobe. And one on cheek.

I think they're molluscum - dd has had, and ds1 has come out with them on torso and neck recently. Am secretly hoping will be chicken pox though. Dd has had her's for about 18 months now and I'm fed up with them.

Are you sure theyre not chicken pox? The sheer number and location sound more pox-y to me.

Seona1973 Thu 14-Jul-11 22:09:42

molluscum dont just appear overnight like that. You normally start with a few and over a period of weeks/months they spread so that you have them at different stages

Lilyloo Thu 14-Jul-11 22:12:02

would be very odd for molloscum to multiply at that frequency overnight

Sandalwood Thu 14-Jul-11 22:12:35

I too was goping to say 'that's quick'.
You sure it's not chicken pox?

mo3d Thu 14-Jul-11 22:17:22

I agree. Molluscum start in one place and spread from there I think. It sounds like chicken pox OP.

My dd had molluscum in the bend of her arm and they were spreading down to her hand. I went on line and found a site called 100% Nature. I bought a Molluscum skin kit for her age and after a few months (and a few kits) they all disappeared. It wasn't cheap but I thought it was worth it because I know they can take years to go.


ohmollux Fri 15-Jul-11 11:15:35

I was pretty sure about the molluscum because her best friend has it, although I too was amazed by how quickly it has appeared. Now I'm going to google some chicken pox blisters with hope.
I thought we could control/concentrate on getting rid of the first big one but they are all over her.

I'll have a look at that site mo3d thanks. We're going to try manuka honey first and see what happens if it is.

PGTip Fri 15-Jul-11 11:16:56

What's molluscum??

mo3d Fri 15-Jul-11 19:41:43

PGTip if the google it youll find out everything. I looked but it was too much to type sorry.

ohmollux Fri 22-Jul-11 21:16:06

Thanks to all those that replied and got me googling chicken pox!!

She has been diagnosed with a mild case - and is now scabbing over nicely.

We have the Molluscum info and various "treatments" for future use if we ever need them - fairly common around these parts unfortunately.

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