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Teething diarrhoea - how long does it last?

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HollyFP Wed 13-Jul-11 07:34:01

DD (1 yo next week) has had diarrhoea since Saturday. No fever, no vomiting apart from a little this morning after her first bf.
I am presuming it's teething related, she's been suffering for a few weeks and finally another popped out last week, I can see others about to follow.

How long does the diarrhoea normally last? Not sure whether it needs a trip to the doc...

She is eating and drinking fairly well, and is generally in good spirits.

baldbyfifty Wed 13-Jul-11 11:01:09

If I were you i'd give your doctors surgery a ring teething diarrhoea with our lot only last 24hrs or so, she might have a bit of a tummy bug.

Push fluids but don't worry if she isnt eating too much.



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