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walking problem?

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fostermumtomany Tue 12-Jul-11 16:41:31

i have a baby with me who has been here since 5 months old. she is now 15 months and has started to toddle about within the last few days.
she had a hip brace when she came to us for clicky hips. her final x-ray showed the left hip was still very tight in the socket.
my issue is that i have noticed when walking she moves her right leg freely, but her left leg is held rigid. it also appears that her left knee is an inch or so lower than her right knee. now when she came to us i had repeatedly said that her left leg looked shorter than her right and her doctor said that can be normal with babies with clicky hips and when her hip rights itself this should be corrected.
she has a follow up appointment in december but should i request the appointment be brought forward.
she doesnt appear to be in any discomfort, it just looks a bit strange.
i have had 3 children of my own and fostered countless other babies but i have never had a baby with this before.
any advice?

Galena Tue 12-Jul-11 20:49:54

Could you take her to the GP and see whether they feel it needs looking at before December? My gut feeling is that it probably should be, but I have no medical background. Also, it may be that their clinics get very booked up so they may not be able to bring it forward.

However, if it's impacting her walking it doesn't sound great - maybe she needs some physio input?

peasizedbladder Wed 13-Jul-11 22:48:09

Both my DS's were scanned for hip issues soon after birth due to family history. DS1 had shallow hip joints initially which did self correct by 6 months so I'm no expert but i do remember reading up on it (scaring myself silly). Critical to less invasive procedures/better outcomes was early intervention, so yes I would push for an earlier follow up. I would try to call the clinic directly (rather than go to your GP).

I remember the Consultant telling me to look at the deep creases on his thighs, they should be in the same location/be the same depth on each leg. Not sure if this will also apply in your little girl's case.

Steps is a v good charity to look up for more knowledgeable advice than mine!

Hope all goes well

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