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sidmuttley Tue 12-Jul-11 14:29:52

I went away for the weekend and left my mum in charge of the little ones only to come back and find out that she'd taken them to the beach on sunday and had forgotten to use sun cream! ds age 7 has the most horrendous sunburn on his back and shoulders,red with a purplish tinge, I put aloe vera gel on it, have been using gel packs from the fridge to try to cool it down, a friend suggested mixing aloe vera and lavender so I've used that too but took him to the local nurse for advice, she merely looked at me with that 'well,you're obviously a crap mum' look and gave me some cetraben emmolient cream to put on saying that it wasn't blistering so wasn't that bad. the only thing is that it's itching him like crazy, to the point of him screaming that he wants to die (bless) I really don't know what else to try and am hoping that someone can advise? please?

cheekeymonkey Tue 12-Jul-11 14:56:47

Eurax is safe for children to use (which is an anti-itch cream).

Sudocrem is also recommended for sun-burn.

Good luck, bet your mom feels awful but you know that generation never got used to always using sun cream.

Next time she has them cover them in calypso factor 40 all day cream for kids.

walesblackbird Tue 12-Jul-11 14:59:48

If it's itching could you give him Piriton? It helped my daughter's chicken pox

sidmuttley Tue 12-Jul-11 15:09:19

Thanks for the advice, she does feel really,really awful but I just said not to worry, it's done now so we've just got to help him as much as we can, the whole No use crying over spilt milk thing. Have just spoken to her and asked her to go to the pharmacy for Eurax/Sudocrem and Piriton. Is just so awful watching him in pain. sad

lostlady Tue 12-Jul-11 15:22:04

Calamine lotion or cream will help itching more: sometimes a cream can kind of feel like keeping heat in the skin. Advice from a fair skinned person who is old enough to have been burnt a lot in youth smile

sidmuttley Tue 12-Jul-11 20:05:08

He's seeming more content with the eurax and piriton at the moment, am hoping he'll have a better night than he did last night, poor little boy sad will see how he is tonight,but if he's still bad then i'll get some calamine lotion tomorrow...just keep slathering him in everything I can. My mum is still feeling awful, actually feel really sorry for her too. She made a comment earlier that next time she'll make sure she has suncream and a long sleeved top for both of them to wear,if she'd be allowed to take them out again. I told her not to be so silly, I do trust her and it was a genuine mistake. smile

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