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Rash: What could it be?

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erebus Tue 12-Jul-11 10:22:57

First point is I'm not that concerned about it! It's not menigitis.

DS2 is 10 and prone to eczema, so when she showed me an apparent new patch just below his navel last week, I assumed that's what it was. It's small area, maybe 10cm across consisting of discrete, bright red, well circumscribed flat 'spots', each maybe 7-8 mm across, and topped with a scab. They're a bit itchy.

Hydrocortisone cream didn't touch them.

Then, a week later (yesterday) I was looking at them and I see that where in places the scabs have fallen off, they've left a pit! The red 'spot' as in red patch on his skin is still there, but with a clean pit, 2mm across in the centre of each!

What could it be?

erebus Tue 12-Jul-11 10:24:32

PS he has had Chicken pox!

bruffin Tue 12-Jul-11 10:41:26


erebus Tue 12-Jul-11 10:55:37

No, that's not it! I have googled rashes but can't find images of what it looks like!

Thanks anyway!

ashamedandconfused Tue 12-Jul-11 17:13:52


DeWe Tue 12-Jul-11 18:00:49


ashamedandconfused Tue 12-Jul-11 18:42:45

ah, yes - it could be shingles given that he has had CP and the marks scab and leave a pockmark and are located in one area.

erebus Wed 13-Jul-11 08:06:07

No, it's not impetigo- it's not crusty as such and he's had that before around his nose, years ago.

Wouldn't shingles be very painful?

I was -ahem- actually wondering about (whispers) scabies but again, whilst he says it was itchy, I never saw him actually scratch it and also it's clearing up without treatment.

Thanks for the suggestions, all. Am googling them as we go!

erebus Wed 13-Jul-11 08:16:55

It looks like shingles from the images! But isn't that really painful? Even in a child? He's barely complained about it!

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