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Undescended Testes at 2.5 yrs

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AnotherMuesliPleaseBarman Tue 12-Jul-11 09:08:07

Took DS to doctor the other day as was concerned about undescended testes. Last year, another doctor, who was seeing him for something entirely different (with DH accompanying, not me), apparently mentioned in an off-hand sort of way that she wondered about this and perhaps we should bring him back some time in the future to get this checked out. In our own time, no rush etc. There was no sense of urgency and no specific request to bring him in. No advice as to what we should be looking out for. All very casual. We almost forgot about it..

So anyway, following this recent appointment, it seems they are indeed undescended. I had no idea what properly descended ones should look or feel like, and neither did his grandparents or DH. We're waiting for a hospital specialist appointment now. It may be that they're 'retractable' but I've never noticed much change in the bath etc.

Feel a little upset that this wasn't picked up properly at an earlier date. DS is 2.5 - quite late for this diagnosis, I think - and I'm having read more about it, am now worried about increased risk of infertility / testicular cancer. He's already spent plenty of time in hospital and had open heart surgery to close a VSD 8 mths ago. Can't believe we might have to put him through more trauma. sad

Can anyone reassure me?

supergreenuk Tue 12-Jul-11 09:14:33

Shout at a few people if I were you and get this sorted asap. My x husband had this when he was a baby and had an operation to correct it quite late and he had seriously low sperm count as a result. He remains childless now.

cakeforbrains Tue 12-Jul-11 09:22:56

DS2 is 2.4 and had the operation last month to correct an undescended testical.

DS has several examinations in clinc but the specialist said that the final decision about what needed to be done could only be made following an examination under anesthetic, as sometimes the testicals go into place when the child is relaxed. If they couldn't be located then they'd use a camera through his tummy button.

The operation itself was ok, took about an hour and he has two small scars, one in the scrotum and the other in the crease of his tummy. Surgery was done as a day case. He was pretty sore for a few days but now the hardest bit is stopping him from doing too much.

We were told that once treated, having had the problem gave him about a 1% greater chance of testical cancer than the general male population, but there would not be any reason for fertility problems. I think the best thing is to get it done before the testosterone surge at age 4 - so you are well on track for that.

I agree with Supergreen - push for the soonest appointment for your peace of mind.

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