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17mo with rash, off food, diarrhea - Possibly teething...

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mama2moo Mon 11-Jul-11 20:11:21

Dd2 is not eating much at the moment, has a heat rash like rash all over her stomach, back, on her scalp and isnt very happy.

She also has terrible nappy rash and diarrhea - Both signs that she is teething.

I am going to take her to our GPs tomorrow if the rash is still there (gave her a cool bath in just water earlier and she has minimal clothing on now)

Could it just be her back teeth coming through that is causing this. It isnt like her not to eat much but she does manage a big bowl of porridge in the morning.

She is happier after Calpol. (I have done the glass test and the spots disappear)

Any ideas? Thanks.

mama2moo Mon 11-Jul-11 20:13:49

Ps She had a bad cold a week ago and still has a bit of a cough left from that.

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