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Please help me not freak out - teenage dd and ?mole that's just started bleeding.

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Northernlurker Sat 09-Jul-11 19:53:31

Dd1 is 13 and I noticed a ?mole?skin tag?scab on her arm a few days ago that looked slightly raised. It is very small 1 or 2mm - and it's on her forearm.
Now today she has come in to the kitchen saying it's started bleeding. It now just looks like a scab that's been knocked off.
Obviously I will ring up the GP on Monday but can somebody say anything helpful now. Feel slightly sick tbh.

DeWe Sat 09-Jul-11 20:04:51

Dd1 had a sudden bleed from what looked like a mole for no apparent reason, and it bled a lot. A couple of months later I noticed it had come up in a huge spot like a cross between one of those raised birthmarks and a blood blister.
I took her to the Dr. in a fine panic, and he I can't remember what he called it, but it's basically a blood vessel gone a bit overactive. He's going to freeze it off shortly because she's knocked it a few times and it bleeds lots, but otherwise he'd have happily left it.
He's a very experienced GP and I've always found he knows his stuff, so I don't expect there to be anything out of the ordinary for it.

Northernlurker Sat 09-Jul-11 20:06:33

Oh thanks so much - yes that helps. THat's exactly what I needed to read grin

Why is being a parent so gut wrenchingly scary sometimes? hmm

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