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flour making dd's skin itch

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mummybear25 Sat 09-Jul-11 11:14:33

Hi, dd loves baking with me and has done so for at least 2 years (she's now 4 1/2), but recently every time she helps she starts scratching her hands/wrists and has to go and wash her hands and stop. Last time she was scratching so much I gave a dose of her antihistamine to help ease it (she has this for egg allergy). She has had mild-moderate eczema since she was 3 months old and as mentioned is allergic to eggs. We mentioned it to the GP last time we saw him, but he didn't seem to have come across this before. Has anyone else had this happen?

Many thanks

pollyteapot Sun 10-Jul-11 06:36:20

I have Coeliac Disease and before I was diagnosed, I had itchy skin - always on my legs and I would stratch them till they bled.

I really don't know if the flour would react in such a way to your daughters skin purely on contact with the skin, but it might be worth looking into (at the very least it rules out that possibilty).

mummybear25 Mon 11-Jul-11 15:01:25

Thanks pollyteapot, think I'm going to have to try the GP again.

ashamedandconfused Tue 12-Jul-11 17:25:10

google dermatitis herpetiformis - as a previous poster said, it is very similar to coeliac disease but produces itchy skin rash rather than bowel symptoms. DD is coeliac and gets the itchiness sometimes too. If you have any family history of bowel disease/anaemia/osteoporosis, i would ask for a coeliac blood test.

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