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Has anyone's baby had mesenteric adenitis?

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GreenTeapot Sat 09-Jul-11 06:42:29

This is a bit random but DS gets it and I'm wondering if it could explain 9 month old DD's restlessness.

I've just been assuming it's a sleep regression but she's really struggling to settle and barring one night in the last ten she's spent every night rolling around, tossing and turning and crying. She's not showing any more or less signs of teething than usual. She often lies down (sleeps on her front) and will kick her leg on the mattress and push herself onto her side while stretching out. Basically she looks like she has sore guts but has no other digestive symptoms.

Haven't been to the GP because they'll roll their eyes and tell me that babies do wake in the night. And if it's MA there's no treatment anyway. sad

GreenTeapot Sat 09-Jul-11 09:05:58


BlueBumedFly Sun 10-Jul-11 00:41:04

I was told DD had this once when she had toncilitis. The paediatric nurse said small babies/kids get swollen glands in their stomach which is called mesenteric adenitis which is apparently why all kids say they have stomach ache when they are feeling under the weather. DD also always slept on her front as a pilots baby.

There is no chance your little one has an ear infection is there?

BlueBumedFly Sun 10-Jul-11 00:42:13

Pilots baby?? Flipping predictive text, 'tiny baby'

sneezecakesmum Sun 10-Jul-11 21:17:16

To have this condition children usually have had an obvious bout of something infectious, sore throat, tonsils etc. causing the glands in several places, including tummy to swell and become inflamed.

GreenTeapot Mon 11-Jul-11 05:43:07

Thanks folks.

DD has had plenty of infections thanks to DS bringing them home from nursery. The first at 3 weeks of age in fact! Since her birth DS has had several nasty colds plus one pretty horrible thing which may or may not have been glandular fever, and has subsequently had his tonsils and adenoids out but still suffers from the abdominal pain at times. So she could well have similar.

Maybe I'm wrong but I can't think of anything else to explain this recent bout of miserableness when the cold she had seemed to pass easily.

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