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Poo smells of sick

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LeoTheLateBloomer Thu 07-Jul-11 06:29:47

DD was quite badly sick on Sunday night. Since then she's had a bit of an upset stomach and her appetite has been minimal. She doesn't have a temperature.

This morning she had a very big, very smelly poo in her nappy. I wouln't say it was diharrea (sp?) as it was solid, but it smelled dreadfully of sick.

Is this normal after they've been ill?

I'm meant to be taking her to see a friend (no DCs) this morning and now I'm not sure.

Thank you.

leroymerlin Thu 07-Jul-11 06:32:57

My son is 11 months, I often think this when he's been a little poorly. It must be to do with having more stomach acid coming through. I don't think it's anything to worry about.

If it is let me know!!!!

LeoTheLateBloomer Thu 07-Jul-11 06:44:09

Thanks leroy smile

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