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visable veins on baby

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firsttimemum90 Wed 06-Jul-11 20:23:38

hi all, i have a beautiful baby boy who is now 6 months. when he was around 4 months i noticed a vein running from his hair line down towards his eye, the thing is over the past two months it has become more and more apparent and is very blue, it doesn't bulge out but does widen when he is hot or crying but is always very prominent.
i have brought it up at doctors appointments but they said as the skin thickends it won't be as noticable, the thing i dont understand is it wasn't there untill around the 4 month mark.
is this quite common as people are starting to ask questions like did it pop out when he was crying and i don't really know what to say.
I am just concerned incase there is something wrong even though the doc said its nothing to worry about.
any advice would be great smile

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 07-Jul-11 07:38:31

I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. DD had one between her eyes. When she got upset or hot it did stick out a bit. She was very thin when she was a baby. Now that she's fattened up a bit (10 YO) I can't think of the last time I saw it.

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