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My children are always ill!

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sweetness86 Wed 06-Jul-11 18:48:59

Ok My oldest son is in full time nursery he is nearly five and my youngest is 2 1/2 and he goes one day a week when Im working.
So far this year oldest has had chicken pox, vomiting bug twice, four bouts of tonsilitis , one ear infection and other little coughs colds in between.
Youngest has had tonsilitis twice , chicken pox vomiting bug once , two ear infections and about five colds now they both have hand ,foot and mouth!

I honestly feel like crying today Ive just about had enough of it I spent virtually the whole month in the house in april with chicken pox about 10 days in may stuck in and four days off work while they both had a stomach bug.
now they've got hand foot and mouth and have both been crying all day . I love them to bits but really did feel like going into a room for a good scream today the crying and moaning and running around after them has really beat me today.
I know their in pain their mouths have got blisters and their drinking through straws , my mom had younger one today while I went shopping but said he cried the whole hour I was gone . OH works long hours at the moment so have no help there either .

My oldest has had ten bouts of tonsilitis in the last 12 months their saying he needs two more for a tonsilectomy now one GP I saw wants him to have it and the other GP is against it saying she had hers removed but now gets chest infections so dont know what to think. Im just so tired of illness its been every month since Xmas andits getting me down especially as all my friends kids never seem to get anything and always comment how ill my kids are. Anyone else been through the same?

Viagrafalls Wed 06-Jul-11 19:26:52

Goodness! You've really had more than your fair share! I've not got my own children yet but have nearly 18 years worth of experience with them and I'm afraid I have to say that even I've not had to deal with anything quite so extreme. All i can say to you is that it will get easier as they get older and stronger and hopefully each bug they get will help to build up their immune system a bit more - not much comfort to you I'm sure but hopefully someone else will be along soon to offer you some real advice. x

sweetness86 Wed 06-Jul-11 19:57:43

Thankyou it has benn constant this year I cant believe they have just had one thing after another and its so draining I think people think I must make it up with how many times they get ill but its all true and the thing is with two of them one gets it first and then the other a week or so later so its like a two week thing!

Sorry just needed a little rant about it today Im going to have to go into work this weekend aswell or my boss will probably sack me !

CharlieBoo Wed 06-Jul-11 20:11:22

We had a year like that about a year and a half ago, in dd's first year. She had an ear infection, bronchilitis 3 times, a urine infection, v &d once, and hand foot and mouth plus numerous was awful!!! However touch wood we've been ok recently! Hope you're all better soon.

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