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My DS bleeds from penis. Any advise?

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TOMOLBEN Tue 05-Jul-11 12:13:23

My little boy, who has just turned 7 bleeds into his underwear.

This started when he was 4. I was getting him changed and noticed blood in his pants. I took him to the GP who said he must have banged it. It lasted a couple of days, no discomfort, then went. 4 months later he came in crying and squeezing his willy and there were droplets of blood. I took him to out of hours, where i was told it was an infection and given cream and antibiotic. The following day he was still bleeding and struggling to wee. I went to A and E to be told his bladder was not in retention and he would be fine.

That evening he was screaming in pain and ended up at the local hospital on the childrens ward. After 3 days of not weeing he was transferred to Nottingham where he had a catheter. After another 3 days there he came home and the bleeding stopped.

Since being hospitalised he seems to bleed every 4 months. It last 2-3 days then goes. He has managed to wee every time since but it hurts. He often says his penis hurts and he has bad stomach aches.

He is under a consultant now but they dont know what it is so they are using the 'wait and see' what happens approach for the time being. He had a camera up through the penis into the bladder, he has had scans and everything seems normal. Except a very large bladder and an enlarged prostate gland.

Does any one else have a son who has suffered with this. It is very frustrating when it happens cos he is in pain but as he is weeing there is not alot i can do. xx

jenniec79 Tue 05-Jul-11 12:17:28

When do you next see the consultant? Sounds like the "simple" measures have all been done tbh, if you've already got to stage of scans and scopes. Any signs of infections when it happens?

Only other advice would be make doubly sure he's drinking plenty (to keep the tubes flushed out as it were)

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Tue 05-Jul-11 12:21:30

Sounds like a UTI, but I'm assuming they've checked for that.

TOMOLBEN Tue 05-Jul-11 12:30:44

I see consultant again in August. They test his urine and it has always been negative for infection and he never has any sign of infection.

When he goes for a wee it takes a long time to start the flow but he wees for ages and ages, normally without any discomfort. On the whole when he is not bleeding he is healthy. He has regular stomach aches and stinking willy, he gets a lot of leg pain but otherwise a normal little boy.

His last appt was in Feb and since then he has had 2 episodes of the bleeding that have lasted 48 hours then he is back to normal. Typically when he sees the consultant it never happens!

Suzannesee Tue 05-Jul-11 15:56:31

I agree with others, it sounds like a urinary tract infection. It is strange the tests don't confirm that, but persistent infections come and go and may be hovering on clear when tests were done. Enlarged prostate gland is unusual in one so young. Stinking willy isn't right have they retracted retracted his foreskin to check under that for infection?

TOMOLBEN Tue 05-Jul-11 16:25:56

I took him to the Gp last time when he was actually bleeding they did a test for infection again it came back negative but many people have said this can happen. It also came back on all occasions with no blood in the urine. He has not been circumsised.

So they think whatever is causing the bleeding is local to the (inside) of the end of the ureatra as its fresh blood. When it is bleeding, he will squeeze it as it hurts, and the blood comes out in fresh droplets, like if you pin prick your finger. Not when he is weeing.

The consultant said all they could find from the scans and camera was an enlarged prostate. He said it was rare but he didnt expand on any problems linked etc. Like I say his bladder is large and after not weeing for 3 days he had 800ml of urine stored in his bladder (they said this was double an adult male).

I dont know whether to just stick to the consultants 'wait and see' approach or push for more tests. They have also checked for kidney stones. They did his bloods etc and ruled out any cancer. It is awful not knowing and nobody else I know seem to have experienced this with their boys. I have 3 other children, DD1 11, DS1 9 and DD2 2.

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