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Teething fatigue?

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matana Tue 05-Jul-11 11:39:25

DS is 8 months and hasn't yet cut any teeth. He's usually such a happy little man but for about the past week he is very irritable and always seems tired so i'm always putting him down for more sleep. He sleeps well at night and has recently started sleeping through for 11 or 12 hours. But during the day he's awful and i've been reduced to tears today - he's not interested in toys for longer than 5 minutes and then he's yawning, whinging and rubbing his eyes. I can't get anything done because he cries, so i pick him up and then he fights me like he wants to get down. I put him down and he cries again. I put him on his back and he cries or whinges, i put him on his front and he cries or whinges. His appetite is not what it usually is either. Does this sound like teething or something else i'm missing? He pulls on his right ear so i'm trying to get a doctors appointment in case it's an ear infection, but he doesn't have a fever.

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