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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

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lauraloo09 Mon 04-Jul-11 10:54:23

Hiya all just looking for some advice.

Last week my DD came down with croup and laryntrechitis (sp?) on tuesday night, by the thursday morning she was covered in spots. At first we thought it was chicken pox however the Doctor diagnoised her on Friday with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. The spots are all blistered, esp the ones ont he soles of her feet and are causing pain which makes her walk on her tip toes. I am wondering if it is possible to be carrying the virus but not show any symptoms? I work in a hospital and I am very worried that I am exposing my colleagues to this illness. Also does anyone know how long my DD will be carrying the virus for as she goes to nursery and I need to figure out how long she will be off for so I can arrange alternative childcare.

Thanks xx

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