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Chicken pox or heat rash?

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HumperdinkFangboner Mon 04-Jul-11 10:48:55

My 14mo has some spotty type illness, on her torso, started on Friday but they haven't blistered so think I can rule out the pox. Not sure where she'd have caught them from either, it's rife around here but she hasn't socialised with anyone who's come down with it recently and would have expected my big two to catch it first.

Can it take longer than 2 days to become obvious pox?

The spots are pink, some have blotchy areas around it and some are larger than others.

Laurale31 Mon 04-Jul-11 10:53:53

My wee one had chicken pox, they are fluid filled blisters, my kids have heat rash the now with this heat so hopefully that's all it is for ur wee onr, fingers crossed!

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