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Cough in a 5mo

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debka Sun 03-Jul-11 21:18:27

DD2 is nearly 5mo and in the last few days has started coughing. It's a dry cough and she seems healthy otherwise, no coldy symptoms. I haven't heard her coughing at night. Any ideas? I really hope it's not the start of asthma, but it's more than possible, I suffered from severe asthma as a child. Or could it just be something she is doing because she can?

Newbie20 Mon 04-Jul-11 07:20:49

My daughter heard my partner coughing one time when he was I'll and by the next day she was coughing too. She was well but to be on safe side took her to doctors anyway nothing wrong with her so I assume she thought it would be funny to copy daddy. Maybe your little girl is doing it for same kind of reason or just for attention. If you are concerned just make an appointment to see your gp.

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