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Is this reflux?

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bessie26 Sun 03-Jul-11 20:01:04

I think DD2(10wks) may have slight reflux & am wondering whether I should do something about it (not sure what? Gavisvon?)

After her feeds (ebf) I have to hold her upright for 20mins or she won't settle. She goes through phases where she will posset alot more than usuaL. Her breathing sometimes sounds "wet" (does that make sense?) when i first lay her down, and she sometimes sounds quite snuffly after she's been laying down - the first few times I assumed she was getting a cold, but it had always gone the next day. She's sometimes very squirmy & won't settle in bed, but if I hold her upright for a while & try again it's ok...

Does that sound like it could be something refluxy?

Stickhasgrownup Sun 03-Jul-11 20:10:31

Sounds like it may well be to me.
My DC3 is now 10 months and she had reflux. It was at its worst around 3 or 4 months (then we got it treated and thank goodness things dramtically improved!)
She used to arch her back and thrash around alot during feeds and scream. So I'd be left with a boob squirting everywhere and everyone turning to see why she was screaming blush
Could never put her down.
Around 3 to 4 months she started being sick... coughing lots first and then vomiting.
Ended up loosing weight.
It was hard to get her diagnosed... health visitor sent us to gp... gp refered us... hosp said it was a cold!?... back to gp... back to hospital... definate reflux and improved almost immidiately when given meds.
gp originally gave us infant gaviscon but I could not get dd to take it.
Hosp gave her domperidone and ranitidine x3 a day.

Stickhasgrownup Sun 03-Jul-11 20:12:22

Just thought... a friend of mines ds had similar symptoms and was told it was reflux too.
He didn't respond well to meds and so went back to hospital and was told it was a lactose intollerance.
His mum had to cut out dairy in her diet and he improved.

Iggly Sun 03-Jul-11 20:23:00

Yep I'd say reflux (or dairy intolerance via your BM - lactose intolerant is incredibly rare and would mean allergic to your BM. Dairy - the cows milk protein passes into BM and can trigger reflux).

I'd get to the docs and ask for infant gaviscon (don't think you can buy it) and see if that helps. Also try:

- keep anything around the waist loose to ease pressure on the stomach eg nappies loose and no trousers/leggings etc
- a dummy can help
- use a bouncy chair after a feed if you can't hold
- try and avoid lying on her back too soon after a feed (as you've seen) - I got a wedge for DS's playgym and cot from (I think)
- give plenty of tummy time but not too soon after a feed. This helps build core muscles and hopefully encourage sitting up etc to happen as soon as possible - DS sat up at 4.5 months crawled at 7 and walked at 10. Could be genetic but we did do tummy time fro
3 weeks old. A friend who didn't do tummy time - her DS didn't sit up until 8 months (anecdotes don't prove anything, I know!)
- if meds don't work, there are others to try. Also consider cutting out dairy for a week and see what happens. But make sure you have calcium alternatives.

bessie26 Sun 03-Jul-11 21:33:31

Thanks for your speedy replies!

Interesting you say about fussing at the boob, she's started doing that the last few days (although no squirty incidents yet!), she's also been coughing sometimes.

Another thing which I wonder is related, this time last week she was waking once in the night for a feed. Last Thursday she started waking every hour or two throughout the night! The longest stretch she's done since then has been 3.5hrs, and she's only done that once! <yawn>

I did speak to HV & dr about reflux a couple of weeks ago, but as she was generally happy & putting on weight they weren't concerned, I will be phoning for another appointment in the morning!

bessie26 Fri 08-Jul-11 06:16:01

Just wanted to say thank-you again! I'm keeping her upright for 30mins, have one of those wedges (books are still under cot feet too) and she slept for 10hrs last night! gringringrin

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