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asthma veterans... prednesolone steroid treatments?

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sillyworriedmama Sun 03-Jul-11 13:47:31

Hi there,

DS has just been prescribed his second course of steroids, 15mg for 5days, he weighs 10.7kg and is 11mo. Any ideas if this is a normal dose or quite high? It seems a lot to me.

thanks in advance!

christine34 Sun 03-Jul-11 16:55:49

Hi, worriedmama, can't help with actual doseage because it was around 11 years ago that my then 2 year old DC had first dose of prednesolene - but like you, I remember thinking at the time about the doseage etc, but it worked wonders for her asthma at the time and she couldn't have done without it - I remember the dose gradually going down each day as I seem to recall they said something about coming off of it gradually. Anyway, went on to have a couple more times when it was needed, remember worrying about side effects, growth etc - she is now taller than me!! Every drug has its side effects but I think the pros outweigh the cons, especially with this type of drug! Why don't you just phone your own GP and explain your concerns - if she's worth her salt, she'll just put your mind at rest, explain how it works etc. I think it shows that you're a good mum who just wants to do the right thing! Good luck with it all. If it's any consolation, my DD has almost grown out of her asthma but if you'd seen her at 2 yrs old, well, that's another story.... smile

Galena Sun 03-Jul-11 17:01:30

DD has had 15mg for 3 days in the past and she probably still doesn't weigh 10.7kg at 2y2m!! Each time she was prescribed it was when she was admitted to hospital, last time in January (when she was 21mo and 8.5kg IIRC) and she again had 15mg for 3 days. So I'd say it's absolutely fine as a dose.

It also did wonders for her asthma! I'm hoping she won't need any in the next few days - she's got a rotten chesty cough which often leads onto an admission with oxygen!

sillyworriedmama Sun 03-Jul-11 18:20:36

thanks so much for the replies ladies, I've got my fingers x'd Galena for your DD! The doc I saw today was at an out of hours clinic, and he was v helpful. He showed me how to actually tell when DS is 'tummy breathing' (pulling in at the ribs) I didn't think he was, but if I stand him up with his arms up and his t-shirt off in front of a mirror I can actually see it. Honestly, I wish someone would have shown me this months ago. I feel like every time he is seen we get conflicting advice/treatment plans. Now the only trouble is getting him to drink all of the dose. He's been vomiting a lot in the last few days, apparently it's nothing to worry about but still, it's not much fun trying to get him to eat/drink when he isn't the slightest bit interested and you need to get steroids into him.

Last night was a nightmare, we were up every 45mins - an hour settling him with his cough. I really hope today is a bit better. He gets so miserable and unhappy, then he cries a really frightened cry when it all gets a bit much and he's working so hard. sad poor little thing, asthma sucks! He's got these steroids for 5days now, it's his second course. He has Clenil, Atrovent and Ventolin too. I hope overall it calms down asap. The asthma nurse is visiting tomorrow for a check up... *sigh

Galena Sun 03-Jul-11 19:18:48

Oh bless him. It's horrible when they are working so hard and there's so little you can do to help. DD has Clenil which she takes twice a day (and we then double the dose during colds) and Ventolin. She did have Atrovent but for her it didn't work (they often find that a child responds either to Atrovent or to Ventolin - some to both).

Luckily, she's a star when it comes to taking medication - She has Piriton nightly at the moment for her hayfever coughing, as well as her inhalers (We're giving 2 puffs of Ventolin morning and night along with her 2 puffs of Clenil while she's full of cold). When she had it, she took the pred as if it tasted nice (and sometimes even asked for more!). The hint I was given is dissolve it in the tiniest amount of water - 5ml or so if you can manage it - as that way they don't need to drink it for long!

I hope he feels better soon.

Sirzy Sun 03-Jul-11 19:53:14

Hope he is better soon. DS has had pred a few times, in January when he was 14 months he had 20mg a day for 6 days - I remember being worried it was to high a dose but was reassured it was right for what he needed.

I was shown to mix the pred in with some ribena to make it taste nicer - it works with DS!! Thankfully he is great with the inhalers so we only have problems if he needs the pred!

sillyworriedmama Tue 05-Jul-11 18:08:23

nursery sent him home today, worried about his breathing and excessive sleepiness. Took him to the GP who said he's absolutely fine. The cough hasn't improved AT ALL. The asthma nurse said she's not sure it's asthma. The out of hours doc on sunday said it's classic asthma. My GP said he can't see anything wrong with him at all, and implied it's all in my head.

And still he coughs, and coughs and coughs. I am going out of my mind with stress now. I just want someone, somewhere to give me a consistent answer.

I am starting to feel worn down as well, I don't want to take him in again to be seen by someone new, who won't believe me because 'he's cheerful and isn't he big?'

so fed up and unhappy today sad

Sirzy Tue 05-Jul-11 19:47:13

Sorry you have had a bad day.

In my experience with DS GPs are rubbish with babies with chest problems. I know they generally wont diagnose asthma in young children but they often seem to be unable to see problems which are there.

If you are worried I would say dont hesitate to go to A and E. The consultant DS sees told us last week that in future when I am worried about his chest to bypass his GP and go straight to A and E as they have the skill and expertise in young children, as well as things like oxygen and nebs on hand if needed.

Could you record the cough on your phone so if when you see someone when he isnt coughing they can still hear it?

sillyworriedmama Tue 05-Jul-11 20:32:57

thank you Sirzy, it's been a big headache today, but I've calmed down a bit. The GP rang me back and agreed that although he doesn't sound wheezy, he's been a 'sickly baby' and has been seen far too many times. The persistent cough is not going away, so he's referred us for a second opinion at hospital with a respiratory specialist and a paediatric consultant. If they can't find anything wrong me and hubby have agreed to 'watch and wait' again... I think they are going to be looking for rarer respiratory conditions because his doesn't seem to be 'normal' asthma and it's a very wet cough, which doesn't improve with steroids. I just want someone to tell me he's got a normal baby cough and we can stop with all the medicine and worry and just get on with living until he outgrows it. Wishful thinking? lol... well, just to have a definitive yes it's asthma and here's how we treat it would be great. Until he can talk I will have to keep going with my 'best guess/gut feeling'!

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