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ds (9) and scratched eye

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givemeadvice Fri 01-Jul-11 12:33:30

Hi. DS was poked in the eye yesterday at school by another child. He says on purpose, the other boy says he was stretching. Took him to doc last night and again this morning. He has had it looked at and doc thinks 2 days of drop and the redness will go away but to bring him back on monday just to besure.
it has been awful as he hates the dye and drops going into eye. I've promised him £10 if we can get this sorted over the weekend.
Anyway i've told him no swimming on sunday should i say no fooball training too? he has gone to school as todays is transfer and he was crying that he had to go to meet new teacher.Thanks for reading and any advice you can give

prettyone Fri 01-Jul-11 13:26:35

I think bribary is good!
I agree to not going swimming, unless his eye greatly improves.
I would say yes to football training, ( if he feels up to it.)If anything football training might distract him from thinking about his eye. As will being at school today! Good luck x

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