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Are we in for a whole week of these explosive poos?

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FloweryBoots Fri 01-Jul-11 08:54:11

My 10 month DS has an ear infection and started antibiotics yesterday. As he's been feeling very poorly and had a very high temp he's not been eating and has just been having breast milk. We've now had a couple of truly explosive poos (requiring hosing down!). I'm hoping they are as a result of no food and lots of breast milk yesterday as they are much more yellow and similar to the old breast milk poos of the early days but I wonder if it's the antibiotics. Any one know which is most likely? Does amoxacilin cause poo disruption?! I really hope we're not in for a whole week of this, we can't really leave the house at the moment since they are so extrodinary. Fine whilst he's still under the weather but I'm sure he'll be feeling fine in another day or two and will very soon be bored of our flat.

Galena Fri 01-Jul-11 09:52:50

Amoxycillin can cause upset tummy I'm afraid. You may well find though that it's the combination of extra breastmilk and antib's. When DD has amoxycillin she gets loose poo but not too bad. If she's given co-amoxyclav she gets dreadful poo - watery and violent and then sickness. So for her amoxycillin is the lesser of two evils as it were! But yes, it could be either I'm afraid.

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