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anxious 8 yo DS gets up to 8 times to wee at night, but it is not a urine infection!

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tulipe Thu 30-Jun-11 22:56:18

DS keeps getting up at night, up to 8 times when going to bed to go to the toilets. It is disturbing his sister's sleep. He has had STI in the past and it was treated, this time it isn't! He falls asleep at 9.30 and finds it hard to get up in the morning, he gets very short-tempered and cries for nothing. ( Kite was torn after 5mn last sunday!) I have had enough of this behaviour!
AT the moment he is being looked at for various conditions but it is a long process and I am begining to think that it is all in his head...
I am feeling annoyed and helpless!

rockinhippy Fri 01-Jul-11 09:25:21

I'm presuming you mean UTI not STI - lol

Without meaning to worry you, our adult friend went through something similar - he was told after his first diagnosed UTI that as they are rare in males & his test came back clear he didn't have one, he went through about a year of hell, feeling very ill & not been taken seriously by the Doctors, pretty much told at one point it was all in his head & offered counselling hmm -

he collapsed & ended up in Hospital & was then diagnosed as Diabetic, (he had, had a basic test that was clear - more indepth tests showed it up) at that stage with serious complications, thankfully he pulled through & is fine now,

So be a bit careful at writing your DSs problems off as "in his head", wait until the proper investigations have been done - I can understand you frustration at him disturbing your DD & no doubt you too, so don't doubt you are exhausted by this, but is there not some way you can accommodate him needing frequent night time toilet trips with out him disturbing your DD - even if it means him camping out in another room for a while???

tulipe Fri 01-Jul-11 22:19:56

Better not mix up UTI and STI talking about an 8 yo! LOL.
He was just tested for diabeties, and hasn't got it thankfully. glad to see GP considered this option. Your friend had a lucky escape rockinhippy!
We'll have to carry on investigations. It is 10.20 pm and the boy is still in and out of his bed...

iloveblue Fri 01-Jul-11 22:38:25

My DS1 (almost 7) has recently started weeing a lot. He was tested for a possible UTI but was fine. It doesn't happen at night as such, but he always needs to go a few times before we leave the house for school in the morning and goes several times at childminders after school. I'm beginning to think it is a nerve thing that has turned into a habit. He is a bit of a worrier.
I notice you say in your title that he is anxious - is it just at bedtime that its a problem?

Think I will get my DS tested for diabetes too, just in case smile

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