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dont really know how to handle, 7yo dd saying she is fat and barely eating anything.

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ditavonteesed Wed 29-Jun-11 19:05:52

whe is underweight, but always has been so nothing to worry anout there, she has had a lot of food issues, dairy intolerance and gluten intolerance which caused her to sotp gaining weight whenshe was younger, she grew out of these about a year ago and has been great with food since.
she is one of these people that could easily not eat all day and not be hungry, she has started refusing her dinner or taking over an hour to eat it so it is cold and she has barely eaten a mouthful, a few times over the last couple of weeks she has said things about being fat.
I dont know how to handle this as I dont want to make a big thing of a passing comment, but I am worried, she is so slight that she cant really be affording not to eat.
think I need some real life advice, who would be best to go to, doctor, health visitor? I struggle with this idea as when she was younger although I kept asking for help I was basically accused of not feeding her, we were even kept in hospital for 3 days when she ws a baby until my midwife assured them that i fed her.
anyway that was completly off track, any advice?

lizzieloubee1 Wed 29-Jun-11 21:01:43

Maybe try a "family gets healthy" plan. As in, we are all going to be really healthy and eat lots of vegetables/fruit/lean meats etc. And we are going play games in the park/go for fun walks etc

Is she to old for a sticker chart? One sticker for each meal she eats, with a treat at the end?

Also, try to get her to eat something, even if it's not the most healthy thing ever.

nomadwantshome Thu 30-Jun-11 22:07:40

My dd aged 7 has been talking about 'getting fat'. I try not to discuss it with her but luckily she isn't at the stage of not eating stuff apart from things that W ill make her fat eg sausages or chips.
When she kept mentioning it, I suggested we weigh her and measure her, then use her old weight height chart. She is slim for her height. I also showed her a graph on the Internet.

It's scary when a 7 year old is talking about being 'fat' isn't it?

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