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I think dd may have Molluscum... After a little advice

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CharlieBoo Wed 29-Jun-11 15:34:31

Dd came out in these spots at the beginning of last week... At first I thought they were chickenpox, then as it became obvious it wasn't I then thought bites. However they are more like a blister/wart and looking through my rash book they look like Molluscum! :-(. She only has 4 including the new one. She is 2 years old btw.

Any tips on how I can limit this... Today another tiny one has come up on her back... Can I no longer bath both my kids together? Do I need to take to drs (I was thinking yes tbh, but how urgent? I won't be able to get in until next week now unless I go on an emergency appt.)

Sorry for the rambling, am bit gutted as have read they can literally take months and months to go!!!

belindarose Wed 29-Jun-11 21:11:37

My DD had these as a little baby, from around 4 -12 months. Dr diagnosed chicken pox at first! I don't know about bathing, so no advice there. Wouldn't think you need to see GP really - none of them had any advice for us. Lots of helpful threads on here. Strangely, I've just developed it myself, almost a year after DD's has gone.

mo3d Wed 29-Jun-11 21:17:48

They can spread in water if they burst. My daughter got these in the bend of her arm and they spread down her arm to her hand. Doctors will tell you to leave them alone and they will go eventually. It can take years.

I went on line and found a site called 100% Nature. Got a silver spray and some vitamins. It took a few months but they all dried up and disappeared.

mo3d Wed 29-Jun-11 21:25:13

The pus inside the spots is apparently very contagious. I dont mean to worry you, its what i was told. I would bath my daughter and then dab the spots with toilet paper to dry them, rather than rub them with a towel.

A visit to the docs might be a good start as, you never know, it might not be molluscum.

Your daughter is a lot younger than mine, she was 8 when she had it, but the good news is once they've had molluscum they are then immune to it. So when your daughter goes to school, she shouldnt be at risk of getting it again.

I hope that helps.

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