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child virus?

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sels Tue 28-Jun-11 21:52:22

My 7 year old daughter has been very ill for 2 weeks. Started with headaches, then stomach cramps/nausea, then horrible cough, with high temperatures through out, - 40.5 to 41.5. With paracetamol and ibrufen it comes down to 39.5. She has hardly eaten a thing and is very weak. Doctors prescribed antibiotics then doubled the strength saying it was a bacterial upper respiratory infection. I am not sure and am worried and tired. Pressure from work (in a primary school) to return. Is there a nasty virus going around and wonder how long it lasts. Neither her brother or I have it. Any news or advice would be so appreciated.

BelladiMamma Tue 28-Jun-11 22:27:21

Take her back to the docs and explain your worries. My DD had upper resp inf before Xmas which turned into pleurisy and took a lot of time to get over. She has also just had scarlet fever which sounds very like the current thing your DD has. Needed 3 lots of antibiotics and 3 weeks off. Sorry. Hope you have better luck than we did all sympathy to you.

If you need to get back to work can you get a grandparent to help out?

BelladiMamma Tue 28-Jun-11 22:30:31

PS my DD also has febrile convulsions so with that high a temp she would be in A & E. Get her back to the docs as that high a temp is not good. Do you need any tips on getting it down btw? don't use a bath, I have been told this is dangerous, keep them cool with a fan in the room and a cool flannel which they can pat forehead with or suck on. Make sure she gets enough fluids as even if she isn't eating you must keep her hydrated.

Sorry if tmi but we have had a torrid time with DD's health this year so I am full of scary stories useful advice.

lindipops Thu 30-Jun-11 17:03:26

Sounds very like what my son had , he's 12, and we are now in week 7 of him not fully recovered. Started as virus with coughing, temp, vomiting nausea, then became chest infection - 2 rounds of antibiotics - appetite still not normal, still stomach pains, nausea, bad headaches and chest hurting at times and energy not normal. All you can do is make sure you get a letter from Gp to cover yourselves, and keep going back. Also loads and loads of fluids like smoothies or soups.
We are now waiting for blood test results etc. We didn't get it either and nobody in his class seems to have this. Have been using a good vitamin tonic, manuka honey, elderberry etc but not sure if they have helped. We were told it was upper respiratory infection too, all I can say is that it is an nasty one.

Hope she starts to recover soon - it is such as worry and being under pressure from work and school doesn't help : ( I am pretty stressed about it myself.

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