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Vinegar poo? Any thoughts?!

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funnylittlekaty Tue 28-Jun-11 12:03:44

Hello just wondering of anyone can shed any light on the fact that a couple of weeks ago my mixed fed (at the time mostly bf with a top up bottle in the evening but furious and feeding all, I mean ALL day without getting enough milk to sleep or settle unless out in sling) lo started producing nappies that smelt very vinegar when he has done a poo. He's now getting roughly 2/3 breast milk to 1/3 formula at each feed. I am expressing like a madwoman to try and get to exclusive expressed breast milk but the vinegary smell remains! Is this usual?!? Thanking you xxx

Embering Wed 29-Jun-11 22:04:44

Sorry your post was left unanswered. AFAIK the vinegary smell is when they have taken more of the fore milk (watery) which is likely the case if your baby has been cluster feeding. It can sometimes turn the yellow poo a bit greeny.

The bright yellow breastmilk poo can sometimes smell very vinegary, but is nothing to worry about.

I think the vinegar smell is to do with breastmilk not formula.

funnylittlekaty Thu 30-Jun-11 02:55:10

Thank you...would you believe it, the smell's gone now. And so for another thing to worry about! Thanks for posting xx

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