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broken bones in tinies

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amachori Mon 27-Jun-11 15:08:22

My almost 3 year old dd has just broken her arm! Any tips on how to help her cope and what she can and can't do? Should I still send her to nursery? ballet? How can I help her sleep better at night? Thanks!

Enraha Mon 27-Jun-11 22:56:12

Sympathies. Based on childhood memories of being Miss Bump...

If she's in a cast - she'll be able to do normal stuff, just minimise rough and tumble. Would avoid soft-play style stuff. Nursery and ballet should be fine if the staff are ok with it.

Decide whether you want a decorated cast or not. It can get a bit grim after 6 weeks. Invest in a knitting needle for supervised itchy-scratchy.

Carrier bag and elastic band for baths and extra cushions propped for sleeping.

whysolate Mon 27-Jun-11 23:03:48

Your poor DC! One of my DC's broke his arm when he was two and coped with it much better than I thought he would (and he's not the most easy-going of people!)

As Enraha said, just carry on as normal and carrier bags with an elastic band for baths.

JellyBeansOnToast Mon 27-Jun-11 23:07:40

Please, please don't use a knitting needle for scratching! If you break the skin even a little bit it can get so dank in there that it could cause quite a nasty infection.

Have you got a sling? That might help her at nursery, as casts can be heavy on little arms and she'll get tired supporting it. Ballet should be fine too, though she might end up clonking some poor unfortunate with her cast.

jenniec79 Mon 27-Jun-11 23:18:00

Go nowhere near a knitting needle shock Really, nothing down a cast except the limb it's for, ever!

I do agree with the multi-pillow-proppage though. You can get special bags for over the cast, but for a quick shower (rather than swimming) a bin bag taped well should be fine. (Not an ordinary plastic bag as the childproof holes will stop it being waterproof enough) Any softening of the cast or damage and head straight back to the plaster room at the hospital (any hospital will sort it for you if away from home etc)

She can do anything she can do - she'll find out what's comfortable. Being in the cast supports the break, so she won't be able to do any damage to it as it heals.

Encourage her to keep it up especially at night, and to keep moving her fingers to stop it swelling up as that tends to be the uncomfy bit.

Keep a note of any worries or queries over the next few days though, and take it along to fracture clinic. I'm assuming you've only done the A&E bit so far; you'll get seen by the orthopaedic team in the next few days, and a plan eg timescale from that review of how she is and what her XR was like. She'll likely get a news cast that day too - if lightweight cast, go for a bright colour - the white looks foul far quicker. Sharpie type markers are pretty much the only thing to write on that stuff with though - or a few stickers??

At 3 it's going to heal up really quickly, and she'll be back to normal in no time, though. Kids really do take this sort of thing in their stride, she'll be fine.

Enraha Mon 27-Jun-11 23:22:57

sorry about the knitting needle advice and thanks for pulling me up. I did it in the 80s, not proud, but unscathed.

lizzieloubee1 Wed 29-Jun-11 20:56:36

I did ballet with an arm in cast. It might put her off balance, it did me. I also fell over and bashed the cast arm off a concrete floor.

Re. sling, just make sure the knot is a flat reef knot and that it's placed properly or she might find her shoulder/neck get sore.

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