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5month old son inguinal hernia surgery

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Laurale31 Sun 26-Jun-11 14:43:10

My ds is due to go in for surgery on a inguinal hernia next wk, he has to fast from 6.45am and his op is one of the 1st in the afternoon, worried about it all! , has anyone else had this experience?

beepbeep Sun 26-Jun-11 15:18:54

My son had a hernia op at 5.5 months, it was horrible seeing him go through it, but the nurses etc were brilliant, I held him whilst he had gas through a little mask - this put him 'half out' then he had rest from them whilst laid on bed. We then waited on ward/went for a cuppa whilst in op. (his took longer than planned which was nerve racking but they kept up updated). We went into recovery room and he'd already started to come round when we got there, again the nurses were great - having cuddles with him. He was pretty groggy up on the ward for a while but they monitored him and gave him calpol. We were then released after a few hours. He had small incision that was covered so couldn't bath him for a small while, but stitches dissolved. Had to have check up with doc while later. He 3 next week and the mark is hardly visible.

Isaac had to fast from the night before as his op was one of first in morning - hardest thing was not giving him his milk first feed of day. The hospital was really good though and cause he was so young they got him in first.

Hope it goes well for you x (nothing wrong with a few tears - I did!!)

Laurale31 Sun 26-Jun-11 19:16:38

Thanks for your reply, good to hear how it went , think it's fear of the unknown as well as everything else but that has gave me a picture of how it's going to be, can't wait till it's all over, there probably will be tears lol! I cried leaving my dog at the vets to be neutered! I will need to be strong, thanx again x

beepbeep Sun 26-Jun-11 19:55:51

That's ok! I know what you mean about the dog - got one of those too!! Hardest bit is seeing him go under the anaesthetic, then the wait for him to come out. We had one of the surgical team come round the ward beforehand, so asked any questions we had.

It doesn't take too long and can certainly say there have been no ill effects 2.5 years on!

We got to hospital, he was given a gown, so got him changed (kept nappy on!), told what time he would be going and spoken to by member of operating team and also by anaesatist (sp?!), he was weighed and when it was time taken down to theatre on trolley. We went with him, only one of us was allow when he had the gas, he didn't struggle (tho apparently they often do bait), only took few seconds before he was asleep, then they put him 'right out' on the bed (apparently they can feel quite rigid if they do the 'full whack' in your arms). I gave him kiss and then met DH (who'd been watching through door) and left him in hands of the surgeon.

We went to cafe and had coffee, then went back to ward around time we'd been told he should be out. Some of his hernia had started healing, so had to be cut away and then removed, so op took longer than thought which was a bit scary, but nurses were able to tell us when he was in the recovery room. Took him a few days to get over it, but not much longer than that - send home with calpol & nurofen!

Hope yours goes ok, am sure it will x

bellavita Sun 26-Jun-11 20:13:55

Both of mine had this op. DS1 twice - one at 3 months and the other (on the other side) at about 2.5 years old. DH went down with him both times (second time I was heavily pregnant and very hormonal). He recovered very well. Fasting was no problem as they took him down first. We went and got some breakfast. Actually, the second time we went private through DH's work and the lovely nursing staff brought me breakfast grin

bellavita Sun 26-Jun-11 20:14:14

Hope it goes well btw smile

Laurale31 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:39:28

Thanks everyone, xxx

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