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Sickness again - any suggestions ?

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LIZS Sun 26-Jun-11 07:55:38

About 10 days ago dd(9) had 2 days off school as she was vomiting which briefly turned into diaorrhea. Within a day and half she was fine and had no temperature, pain etc. Presumed it was a tummy bug and she went back to school last Monday.

Yesterday she was sick again first thing(watery phlegm, sorry if tmi) but put it down to nerves as she was due to read at a school event. Fine all day then suddenly sick in the evening and also during the night in her bed. She had reflux as a baby so can be sick at the slightest provocation such as gagging on food or cough. Would you see gp etc or just put it down to the same bug.

catonlap Sun 26-Jun-11 09:24:29

If it is just the 2 episodes of this and they have settled within couple of days each time I wouldn't think much more of it. Sometimes you can be unlucky and get 2 bugs close together. If on the other hand it keeps recurring then I would perhaps look into it further.

acebaby Wed 29-Jun-11 14:05:26

could be that her system is still a bit upset from the first bug (particularly if she has a tendency to be sick quite often). Or it could be a different bug.

I would encourage her to eat little and often and also give her some actimel or similar. Try to avoid too much lactose. Those things really seemed to help DS2 when he had a similar recurring/neverending stomach bug last year.

LIZS Wed 29-Jun-11 14:09:01

Thanks. She was also sick at school yesterday so took her to gp who said similar. Original bug probably not quite out of her system and should resolve itself . Much better today and just being a bit careful as to what she eats (avoiding greasy or spicy food).

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